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Jamia Noman Bin Sabit, Khanpur

Jamia Noman Bin Sabit


This institute was founded by MR ABDUL QADIR MALKANI in satellite town C in 1988. This institute was named after HAZRAT IMAM ABU HANIFA’s real name.

He is the person about whom our prophet HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (PBUH) said “on the Day of judgement there will be a person among my Ummah whose name will be ABU HANIFA R.A. he will be the light of my Ummah” after placing the foundations of Jamia many Islamic scholars of Pakistan came from far far places to pray for its betterment. Slowly, Slowly Mr. Abdul Qadir Malkani started to oversee the constructive work of Jamia himself. After some work of Mosque Abdul Shakoor, the class of QURANIC studies were officially inaugurated and 5 times prayer were also being offered in the Mosque as well.

This was the first Mosque in that area and other than this there wasn’t a single Mosque in 2 kilometers radius this enabled a lot of Muslims in that area to offer their daily prayer in a mosque without traveling very far.


The person behind Jamia’s making, running and its development is Mr.Abdul Qadir. He with his determination and strong will named Jamia among the famous Madrasa’s of Khanpur and made a named for itself due to its growing rate of students and its very capable faculty.

In Jamia famous Personalities such as PIR Mian Masood Ahmed Dinpuri, PIR Mian Siraj Ahmed Dinpuri of current era of Islam often come and pray for Jamia and its betterment.

Mr.Abdul Qadir Malkani is a great facilitator of Tableegh and appreciates their work a lot. He often asks the Tableeghi jamaat’s himself to come and spread their knowledge and do tableegh in our masjid and its surroundings area. He takes care of their needs and make sure they don’t face any difficulties during their stay in Jamia. In the Holy month of Ramadan, he specially takes care of the person in Etikaf in Jamia their Sehr and Iftar are also provided by Jamia.

Mr. Abdul Qadir is a very joyous and kind person that’s why his faculty and students all love him a lot. Due to his kindness people around the neighborhood respect him very much.



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