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Jamia Arabia Islamia, Islamabad

Jamia Arabia Islamia

Jamia noman bin sabit has opened a branch in Islamabad named Jamia Arabia Tul Islamia with it a Mosque named Masjid Saad bin abi waqas.

They were founded on 11 september,2013 (Dhu l-Kada 1434) .The classes for Hifz e Quran is being given to students since 2014 and the inauguration of school department was done in 2016 till now 3 of the students have passed 5th grade in first division and around 20 students have done their Hifz e Quran in this Madrassa. And faculty of this madrasa have been given a new target which is to increase the number of Hufaaz produced by this institute and surpass previous stats of the Jamia.

In this branch 6 people are working day and night to promote Jamia name among which are one teacher of school, teacher of Hifz class, teacher of Dars E Nizami, cook, and two servants which serve the students and Jamia.



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