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Jamia Masjid Al-Shakoor

Masjid Al Shakoor

The name of this Mosque is named after the Father in law of Mr. Abdul Qadir Malkani, LATE Hazrat MOLANA ABDUL SHAKOOR DINPURI as it was made in the memory of him it was befitting that it was named after him so the name Alshakoor was chosen. Hazrat MOLANA ABDUL SHAKOOR was a famous speaker of his era and made a name of himself not only in Pakistan but in India and Saudi Arabia as well.

Whenever he would start speaking the audience would get powerless and would be forced by themselves to hear out the whole bayan. I did not had the pleasure of there company but through what I have heard about them and there command in their abilities I can only imagine his greatness. He left this place and met his maker 15 august 1987 in Victoria hospital Bahawalpur.

His final resting place was in his ancestral graveyard. His namaz e Janaza was lead by Hazrat MOLANA ABDULLAH DARKHWASTI.




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